2-Step Process to Getting a Great, Loving Girlfriend Of Your Choice

What You Will Learn

  • The Confidence Climber... How to skyrocket your self-esteem and confidence, so women can just sense how amazing you are... right when you walk into a room.
  • The Social Intelligence Booster... so you can read any social situation and know immediately what to do to have the women eating out of your hand. This works at parties, at bars, and any time you’re with friends.
  • The Shyness Smasher... Where you can destroy any fear or nervousness that comes from talking to really attractive women, so you can comfortably date the ideal women who truly excite you.
  • The Total Fashion Makeover... So you can always dress as the guy who “gets the girl”... so women who see you instantly know you’re a man they want to be with.
  • The Masculinity Diet... How to eat in a way that gives off the look, scent, and vibe of the powerful man that all women want. Some foods literally change you at the cellular level so you become extremely magnetic to women.
  • The Presence Portal... You’ll be able to suck women into your energy bubble where they feel like nothing in the world exists but you and her. This is hypnotically powerful and gives a woman an incredible experience she’ll be gushing about to her girlfriends after.
  • The Conversation Ladder... There are 4 Levels to conversation... and women bond with you the fastest if you can get to Level 4... but getting up there too fast can creep women out and make them run.
  • The Girlfriend GPS – The best places to find girlfriend and dating possibilities that you’ve never heard of. Rather than having to approach women at bars or on the street... there are special places that are crawling with wonderful women who will love to meet you.
  • The Phone Pheromone Kit... How to text a woman in a way that makes her excited to see you... and how to talk to her on the phone so she can’t wait to see you again...
  • The Body Language Blueprint... How to stand and sit in a way that makes her see you as her ideal masculine partner... and subconsciously convinces her to throw herself at you.
  • The Vocal Vortex... Make your voice automatically seductive, so even ordering fries at a McDonalds can turn a woman on you’re with.
  • Done-For You Opening Lines... You’ll never be lost for words with a woman you want to meet, because you’ll have the exact opening line for every possible situation...
  • The Three-Phase Date Plan... This is your roadmap for taking a woman from “curious” to being rabidly committed to being with you... just by using this easy date structure... that is inexpensive and super-easy to pull off.
  • The Jealousy Generator.... Get a hot woman so addicted to you that even hints of other women in your life puts her in a frenzy to make you her boyfriend.
  • The Seduction Scrambler... Confuse a woman’s “auto-pilot” defences against early sex, so she decides she wants to sleep with you as soon as possible... You can take as long as you want to sleep with her, but it’s best to have her wanting to get sexual right away.

But WAIT! That's Not All...

  • Advanced Texting Guide - You will have a woman looking at her phone and hoping it’s you every time it buzzes. You’ll keep her hooked on you... make her laugh... get her intrigued... and make her wonder with each text “When’s he going to invite me over?” ($27 Value)
  • The Perfect Date Protocol - You will know how to pick the absolutely perfect dating spot where she feels wonderful and gives you all the credit for it... even though all you did was follow a checklist inside the Perfect Date Protocol ($27 Value)
  • Seductive Touch - Seductive Touch begins with the first handshake and can be applied in “innocent situations”... then ramped up as you spend more time with her. While most guys are only comfortable talking... you are going to be one of the few who gets her purring at your touch and slowly addicted to your body ($27 Value)
  • Online Dating Guide - Now if you like, you can go meet women anywhere... and the Girlfriend Master Plan gives you tons of options for meeting women. But today, the online dating sites are some of the most efficient ways to get in front of great girls and speed up the Girlfriend Master Plan by up to 5 times... You’ll learn everything from how to create an intriguing profile... to how set up dates quickly that get her hooked... With online dating, you can realistically date up to 5 new girls a week if you do it this way ($27 Value)

60 Day Refund Policy

My refund policy is clear and to the point.

If you take the course, do the work, and follow the methods . . . they will work.

If they don't, I will refund your money 100%. Just request this within 60 days of starting the course.

You WILL have to show me that you did the work to get the refund. My refund policy is not for people trying to get the course for free.

To be even more clear, here are some examples of what is not covered under the refund policy.

"I decided to change directions" or "I haven't had time to go through the course"

I'm Just being honest and upfront. Please don't buy this course if you aren't serious or "just want to check it out". Buy it only if you are ready to take massive action and change your life!

Bottom line, if you take this course and it doesn't work for you, I will refund you 100%. I stand by my word and reputation!